League Honours
Mixed Division 1

2015-16Canute Mixed 'A'2014-15Canute Mixed 'A'
2013-14Welsh Row Mixed 'A'2012-13Welsh Row Mixed 'A'
2011-12Welsh Row 'A'2010-11Welsh Row 'A'
2009-10Welsh Row 'A'2008-09Welsh Row 'A'
2007-08Welsh Row 'A'2006-07CEGELEC 'A'
2005-06Welsh Row 'A'2004-05Welsh Row 'A'
2003-04Welsh Row 'A'2002-03Welsh Row 'A'
2001-02Welsh Row 'A'2000-01Acton 'A'
1999-00Acton 'A'1998-99Welsh Row 'A'
1997-98Acton 'A'1996-97Welsh Row 'A'
1995-96Acton 'A'1994-95Welsh Row 'A'
1993-94Rudheath 'A'1992-93Rudheath 'A'
1991-92Welsh Row 'A'1990-91Acton 'A'
1989-90Shavington Juniors and Coaches1988-89Shavington Juniors and Coaches
1987-88Shavington Juniors and Coaches1986-87Shavington Juniors and Coaches
1985-86Acton and District 'A'1984-85Acton and District 'A'
1983-84Acton and District 'A'1982-83Acton and District 'A'
1981-82Acton and District 'A'1980-81Acton and District 'A'
1979-80Acton and District 'A'1978-79Acton and District 'A'
1977-78Acton and District 'A'1976-77Acton and District 'A'
1975-76Acton and District 'A'1974-75L.M.R. Sports Club
1973-74Acton and District 'A'1972-73Acton and District 'A'
1971-72Acton and District 'A'1970-71Acton and District 'A'
1969-70Acton and District 'A'1968-69Acton and District 'A'
1967-68Acton and District 'A'1966-67Acton and District 'A'
1965-66L.M.R. Sports Club1964-65L.M.R. Sports Club
1963-64L.M.R. Sports Club1962-63L.M.R. Sports Club
1961-62Hospital Steet Methodists1960-61Hospital Steet Methodists
1959-60Hospital Steet Methodists1958-59Hospital Steet Methodists
1957-58Hospital Steet Methodists1956-57Hospital Steet Methodists
1955-56West Steet Baptists1954-55West Steet Baptists
1953-54Hospital Steet Methodists1952-53Wesley Guild
1951-52West Steet Baptists1950-51West Steet Baptists
1949-50Old Grammarians1948-49Old Grammarians
1947-48Nantwich Methodists1946-47Nantwich Methodists
Latest Results
24 Apr Whitfield 'A' 10-8 CEGELEC 'A' Me 2
28 Apr North'ch 'A' 12-6 Wols 'A' Me 2
27 Apr Goostrey 'A' 0-12 C' Meths 'A' La 1
21 Apr North'ch 'A' 11-7 Alsager 'A' Me 2
24 Apr Holmes C 'B' 6-12 North'ch 'B' Mi 3
13 Apr Holmes C 'B' 5-7 CEGELEC 'B' Ve 2
24 Apr C' Meths 'A' 12-0 Knutsford 'A' La 1
24 Apr Welsh R 'B' 11-7 Goostrey 'A' Me 1
24 Apr Welsh R 'A' 18-0 North'ch 'A' Mi 1
21 Apr North'ch 'A' 7-5 Holmes C 'A' La 2
Matches Played
Total Matches Played: (297/302)
Mens: (119/122)
Mixed: (79/80)
Ladies: (40/40)
Veterans: (59/60)
Pending Results
04 Apr Knutsford 'A' v. CEGELEC 'A' Me 2
18 Apr CEGELEC 'B' v. Holmes C 'A' Ve 2
27 Apr Canute 'B' v. Welsh R 'A' Me 1
Result Pending, but in date
Result Pending, 5 days overdue
Result Pending, 7 days overdue
This Week's Fixtures
05 May Alsager 'A' v. North'ch 'A' Me 2
08 May Holmes C 'B' v. Whitfield 'A' Mi 3
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