Welsh Row Ladies 'A' 8701811514
Seven Sisters8611752113
Northwich Ladies 'A' 7502552910
The Crosses Ladies 'A' 630338346
Knutsford Ladies 'A' 841349476*
Congleton Ladies 'A' 720532524
South Cheshire Ladies 'A' 720526584
Northwich Ladies 'B' 900941040
Last Updated: Wednesday, January 22 2020
* (Knutsford Ladies 'A' v. The Crosses Ladies 'A') - Knutsford docked 1 point for not fielding a full team of registered players against Crosses 24/11/19.
(Welsh Row Ladies 'A' v. Knutsford Ladies 'A') - Knutsford docked 2 points for not fielding a team against Welsh Row 23/9/19.