The Crosses Mixed 'A' 6420773110
South Cheshire Mixed 'A' 541060309
Knutsford Mixed 'A' 630358506
CEGELEC Mixed 'A' 321036185
Knutsford Mixed 'B' 410328442
The Crosses Mixed 'B' 510428622
Weaverham Mixed 'A' 50051971-2*
Last Updated: Sunday, December 08 2019
* (Weaverham Mixed 'A' v. The Crosses Mixed 'A') - Weaverham docked 2 points for not fielding a team against Crosses 8/11/19. R Raiswell.
Results Outstanding
 DateHome TeamAway TeamvCal
12 Nov 2019 Knutsford 'A' Crosses 'B'
09 Dec 2019 Crosses 'B' Knutsford 'B'
  Not Available
  Not Played
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