The Crosses Mens 'A' 99001214118
Northwich Mens 'C' 9504907210
Weaverham Mens 'A' 850376687*
Holmes Chapel Mens 'B' 831458867
South Cheshire Mens 'C' 10307721086
Alsager Mens 'B' 801751931
Last Updated: Friday, May 08 2020
* (The Crosses Mens 'A' v. Weaverham Mens 'A') - Weaverham docked 1 point for not fielding a full team against Crosses 14/10/19.
(Weaverham Mens 'A' v. Northwich Mens 'C') - Weaverham docked 2 points for not playing the match on the original date 20/10/19.
Results Outstanding
 DateHome TeamAway TeamvCal
15 Nov 2019 Alsager 'B' Holmes C 'B'
13 Dec 2019 Weav'm 'A' Holmes C 'B'
13 Mar 2020 Alsager 'B' North'ch 'C'
20 Mar 2020 Weav'm 'A' Crosses 'A'
  Not Available
  Not Played
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