Tournament Details

Tournament Name:Open
Tournament Referee:Mr. Anthony Marks
  23 Broxton Avenue,
CW10 0SE.
(Eve)01606 738239
Closing Date:17 February 2017
  • Round 1 of the tournament will be played in a Round Robin Format.
  • Singles (Men’s & Ladies) 1 game to 15 aces (No Setting).
  • Doubles 1 game to either 15 or 21 aces depending on number of entries (No Setting).
  • There will be seeding in each pool.
  • The winners and runners-up will be decided by the number of games won, if two pairs are equal then the winner of the game between them. If no winner, or three way tie, then the player(s) with the most points win.
  • The Finals will be held on 8 March 2017 at Holmes Capel Leisure Centre, 19:30 start time: Men’s Singles & All Doubles - best of 3 games to 15 aces, Ladies Singles - best of 3 games to 11 aces( with setting).
Age Limit:
  • No Restrictions
Entry Form:Open Tournament Entry Form
Mens Singles February 24 2017 19:00 Middlewich Leisure Centre
Mens Doubles February 24 2017 19:00 Middlewich Leisure Centre
Ladies Singles February 24 2017 19:00 Middlewich Leisure Centre
Ladies Doubles February 24 2017 19:00 Middlewich Leisure Centre
Mixed Doubles March 03 2017 19:00 Middlewich Leisure Centre
Tournament Rules:
1.All competitors must be bona fide members of a Club affiliated to the Crewe and District Badminton League.
2.Entries will not be accepted unless sent to the Tournament Secretary, accompanied by the correct entry form and fee.
3.All entries must bear your Badminton Association of England Affiliation Number, and be certified by a Club Official
4.Entries accompanied by payment must be sent to the Tournament Secretary to arrive no later than the Closing Date. All cheques or postal orders should be made payable to
Crewe and District Badminton League. Please include a S.A.E if an acknowledgement is required.
Under no circumstances will late entries be accepted.
5.Player requiring a partner should indicate this on their entry forms, and every effort will be made to obtain one for them. Partners will be allocated in strict order of receipt of entry form.
If, due to unforeseen circumstances, a player, having already entered, has to withdraw, substitutes will be accepted provided the Tournament Secretary is notified at least 1 week prior to the event taking place.
No substitutes will be allowed in the preceding week prior to the event.
6.Players must wear acceptable Badminton Sports clothing.
(BAoE - Tournament Regulation Rule 28)
7.All successful competitors must be prepared to play for the duration of the Whole Tournament.
8.Knocking up times will be limited to 3 minutes.
9.Players must report to the Referee on arrival. Players not ready to play when called to do so render themselves liable to be scratched. Players may not leave the hall without the referee's permission.
10.Challenge Trophies will be played for annually. The holders will be responsible for the safe keeping and professional engraving by the Leagues nominated engraver, the cost of which will be borne by the League.
11.Trophies must be returned in a presentable state no later than one month prior to the following year's tournament
12.The Tournament Organising Committee reserve the right to alter the programme of the Tournament at its discretion and to cancel any event should there be insufficient entries
13.The Tournament Referee's decision shall be final.
Previous Winners:
2016-17Not Held Mens Singles
2016-17Jack Raiswell & Craig Eccleston Mens Doubles
2016-17Not Held Ladies Singles
2016-17Not Held Ladies Doubles
2016-17Mike Simmons & Kara Robinson Mixed Doubles
2015-16D. Ashton Mens Singles
2015-16D. Ashton & M. Simmons Mens Doubles
2015-16Z. Raiswell Ladies Singles
2015-16R. Raiswell & O. Frankland Ladies Doubles
2015-16M. Simmons & O. Frankland Mixed Doubles
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Latest Results
08 May Holmes C 'B' 7-11 Whitfield 'A' Mi 3
04 Apr Knutsford 'A' 4-14 CEGELEC 'A' Me 2
05 May Alsager 'A' 12-6 North'ch 'A' Me 2
27 Apr Canute 'B' 1-17 Welsh R 'A' Me 1
27 Sep CEGELEC 'A' 12-6 Whitfield 'A' Me 2
24 Apr Whitfield 'A' 10-8 CEGELEC 'A' Me 2
28 Apr North'ch 'A' 12-6 Wols 'A' Me 2
27 Apr Goostrey 'A' 0-12 C' Meths 'A' La 1
18 Apr CEGELEC 'B' 0-12 Holmes C 'A' Ve 2
21 Apr North'ch 'A' 11-7 Alsager 'A' Me 2
Matches Played
Total Matches Played: (302/302)
Mens: (122/122)
Mixed: (80/80)
Ladies: (40/40)
Veterans: (60/60)
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