2019-20A Garwood/M Molloy-Sherratt Boys Doubles
2019-20Dave Dodd & Steve Pickering Mens Doubles
2019-20E Cox/E O'Neill Girls Doubles
2019-20G Litherland-Clews Girls Singles
2019-20G Litherland-Clews/ Ge Litherland-Clews Girls Doubles
2019-20H Hillesdon Girls Singles
2019-20H Hillesdon/K Matharu Girls Doubles
2019-20H Molloy-Sherratt Boys Singles
2019-20I Bentley/ E Higton Boys Doubles
2019-20Iain Owen & Ruth Raiswell Mixed Doubles O40 (inc. Finals)
2019-20Jez Touch & Warren Simpson Mens Doubles (inc. Finals)
2019-20Kara Robinson & James Burnham Mixed Doubles (inc. Finals)
2019-20M Molloy-Sherratt Boys Singles
2019-20M Polisetty Girls Singles
2019-20Mark McGlinchey & Ann Lewis Mens Doubles O50 (inc. Finals)
2019-20Nicole Schofield Ladies Singles (inc. Finals)
2019-20Peter Gartside Men's Singles (inc. Finals)
2019-20Rob Evans & Carl McGregor-Ogden Mens Doubles O40 (inc. Finals)
2019-20Ruth Raiswell & Claire Griffin Ladies Doubles (inc. Finals)
2019-20Ruth Raiswell & Claire Griffin Ladies Doubles O50 (inc. Finals)
2019-20S Choi/Y Polisetty Boys Doubles
2019-20Steve Pickering Mens Singles
2019-20Steve Tomkinson & Roger Hopton Mens Doubles O50 (inc. Finals)
2019-20T Bentley Boys Singles
2019-20T Bentley/ Ge Litherland-Clews Mixed Doubles

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