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Club Name:Knutsford
Web Site:
Club Venue:Knutsford Leisure Centre,
Westfield Drive,
WA16 0BL.
Club Night:Sundays 7 pm to 9 pm, on 3 courts
James Cross  
(Day)07786 247625
Match Night:Tuesdays 7pm to 8:30pm Sundays 7pm to 9pm
Match Venue:Knutsford Leisure Centre,
Westfield Drive,
WA16 0BL.
Match Secretary:
Heather Thompson   (All Teams)
(Day)0161 306 8814
(Eve)01606 301095
(Mob)07941 533394
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLostPointsGames
Knutsford Mixed 'A'1011814113923923579
Knutsford Mixed 'B'842210816325882370
Knutsford Ladies(4) 'A'70070166812761716
Knutsford Mens 'A'1120935314528283921
2013-14Grove Park Mens 'A' Mens Division 4
2012-13Grove Park Mixed 'A' Mixed Division 3
2009-10Grove Park 'A' Veterans Division 1
2009-10Grove Park 'A' Ladies(6) Division 2
2008-09Grove Park 'A' Veterans Division 1
2007-08Grove Park 'A' Veterans Division 1
2007-08Grove Park 'A' Mixed Division 2
2006-07Grove Park 'C' Mixed Division 4
2006-07Grove Park 'A' Mens Division 2
2004-05Grove Park 'A' Mens Division 3
2003-04Grove Park 'C' Mixed Division 5
2000-01Grove Park 'B' Mixed Division 4
1999-00Grove Park 'A' Mixed Division 2
1999-00Grove Park 'C' Mixed Division 5
1999-00Grove Park 'A' Ladies(6) Division 3
1998-99Grove Park 'D' Mixed Division 6
1998-99Grove Park 'B' Mixed Division 5
1997-98Grove Park 'A' Mixed Division 3
1996-97Grove Park 'A' Mixed Division 4
1989-90Grove Park 'A' Mixed Division 5
1988-89Grove Park 'A' Mixed Division 6
Players Ranking:
Player NamePointsPlayedWonLostPercentPoints
Thompson, Heather84120427835.019692201
Cross, James80102406239.217101902
Broom, Cliff74108377134.317181999
Gresty, Malcolm7296366037.514351768
Philipson, Mike62114318327.217322236
Gordon, David6278314739.712941504
Weston, Tom5872294340.312161364
Lawrence, Heather5478275134.612811499
Searle, Ruth4690236725.613981788
Frankland, Phillipa4084206423.812591692
Jenkinson, Kate4054203437.0913987
Lawton, Sarah2824141058.3412369
Tudge, Heather14127558.3232216
Baston, Tom124864212.5579996
Hill, Guy102451920.8329462
Whittle, Chris10125741.7213216
Gartside, Peter1065183.312590
Grant, Doug6123925.0205246
Latest Results
21 Apr North'ch 'A' 7-5 Holmes C 'A' La 2
21 Apr North'ch 'A' 11-7 Alsager 'A' Me 2
13 Apr Goostrey 'A' 8-10 K'grove 'A' Me 1
13 Apr Holmes C 'B' 5-7 CEGELEC 'B' Ve 2
07 Apr North'ch 'A' 15-3 CEGELEC 'A' Me 2
09 Apr Knutsford 'B' 12-6 Crosses 'B' Mi 3
06 Apr Canute 'A' 15-3 Welsh R 'B' Me 1
09 Apr Congl'n 'B' 2-10 CEGELEC 'B' Ve 2
06 Apr CEGELEC 'A' 10-8 Wols 'A' Me 2
05 Apr South Ches 'A' 12-6 Holmes C 'A' Me 3
Matches Played
Total Matches Played: (290/302)
Mens: (116/122)
Mixed: (77/80)
Ladies: (38/40)
Veterans: (59/60)
Pending Results
04 Apr Knutsford 'A' v. CEGELEC 'A' Me 2
18 Apr CEGELEC 'B' v. Holmes C 'A' Ve 2
24 Apr Welsh R 'A' v. North'ch 'A' Mi 1
24 Apr Holmes C 'B' v. North'ch 'B' Mi 3
24 Apr Welsh R 'B' v. Goostrey 'A' Me 1
24 Apr Whitfield 'A' v. CEGELEC 'A' Me 2
24 Apr C' Meths 'A' v. Knutsford 'A' La 1
Result Pending, but in date
Result Pending, 5 days overdue
Result Pending, 7 days overdue
This Week's Fixtures
27 Apr Canute 'B' v. Welsh R 'A' Me 1
27 Apr Goostrey 'A' v. C' Meths 'A' La 1
28 Apr North'ch 'A' v. Wols 'A' Me 2
05 May Alsager 'A' v. North'ch 'A' Me 2
08 May Holmes C 'B' v. Whitfield 'A' Mi 3
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