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The AGM was held last night (8th May) at the Hawk Inn Haslington. A good turnout saw us huddled closely together in the dining room with one of our attendees half in and half out of the doorway. Make a mental note to look for a bigger place next year. One notable absentee was Chairman David Sumner who was away in New York on an anniversary holiday. Dave did point out it was the first one missed in 40 years and he did leave us with written reports to be read out in his absence. Not bad going. Alan Horne - President and Brian Horrocks - Secretary ran the meeting. The minutes can be found in the documents section in the left hand menu of this web page.

In summary - the league is in good health, playing wise as reported by Ruth Raiswell and financially as described by John Hunter (supported with some expert auditing by Janet Thorpe). The one area we wish we could get a better outcome is in tournaments where we still get lower turn out than we would like, although Tony Marks did a great job of limiting the costs.

Of the three rule proposals that got as far as the AGM itself - we accepted the rule change about late start times, and the bringing forward of rule cut off dates to 31st March. The proposal to introduce a Mens and Ladies combined level doubles league was defeated although we welcome ideas for enhancing any form of Badminton so please continue to submit these ideas - only a month earlier than this season!

Latest Results
08 May Holmes C 'B' 7-11 Whitfield 'A' Mi 3
04 Apr Knutsford 'A' 4-14 CEGELEC 'A' Me 2
05 May Alsager 'A' 12-6 North'ch 'A' Me 2
27 Apr Canute 'B' 1-17 Welsh R 'A' Me 1
27 Sep CEGELEC 'A' 12-6 Whitfield 'A' Me 2
24 Apr Whitfield 'A' 10-8 CEGELEC 'A' Me 2
28 Apr North'ch 'A' 12-6 Wols 'A' Me 2
27 Apr Goostrey 'A' 0-12 C' Meths 'A' La 1
18 Apr CEGELEC 'B' 0-12 Holmes C 'A' Ve 2
21 Apr North'ch 'A' 11-7 Alsager 'A' Me 2
Matches Played
Total Matches Played: (302/302)
Mens: (122/122)
Mixed: (80/80)
Ladies: (40/40)
Veterans: (60/60)
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