The League shall be called 'THE CREWE & DISTRICT BADMINTON LEAGUE'.


To provide and promote competitive Badminton on league principles for Clubs in  Crewe and District. To arrange matches, tournaments and other events in accordance with the Laws of Badminton as adopted by the International Badminton Federation.


The League shall be open to one or more teams of Clubs whose home venue is within convenient traveling distance from Crewe. Any Clubs desirous of joining the League, or of entering additional teams in the League, shall apply in writing to the League's General Secretary. The acceptance of their application shall be subject to approval at the Annual General Meeting.

All club members shall be affiliated to both the Badminton England, and their relevant County Association (i.e. the county in which their courts are located), with fees being paid by 1st October each year.

Failure to comply with this rule could result in disciplinary action being taken


Clubs desirous of withdrawing a team or teams from the League shall give notice in writing to the League General Secretary before 30th April otherwise they will be liable to the ensuing year's subscription.


Every club member shall be registered with the League, County and Badminton England. The league registration fees for individual members and teams shall be decided upon at the AGM.

a) Team Registrations - Each Club shall pass their team registration form and the associated fee to the Fixture Secretary at the AGM. Team registration £12

b) Individual Registrations -  The junior fee is for members under the age of 18 on the 1st September. Senior £4, Junior £2 

c) County and BE - County and Badminton England affiliation fees shall be paid to the Badminton England on or before September 30th (BE insurance begins on 1st October, or when affiliations are paid). County fee £4.00 Senior, £2.00 Junior.

Badminton England have introduced a sliding scale of fees for 2017/18. Three bands exist - 1 to  10 players, 11 to 16 players and more than 16 players.Fees will depend on teh size of the club. Senior players will pay £10 each on top of a sliding club fee. Junior members are free. Check the BE web site for your details.

Any club not having paid its fees as required, renders itself liable on decision of the Executive Committee, to having its whole season's fixtures declared void, and to be refused entry into all League Tournaments and Competitions.


The Leagues financial year shall end on the 31st March.


The Officers of the League shall be President, Chairman, General Secretary, Tournament Secretary and Fixture Secretary. All Officers shall retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election.


The Executive Committee shall comprise Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Fixture Secretary and  Tournament Secretary.


(a) To give ruling on all disputes or appeals on any matters connected with the League.

(b) To make Bye-Laws to govern any matter not legislated in the rules of the League.

(c) To make the rules that govern the League's Individual Championship Tournament.

(d) To deduct league point(s) from a team, where there has been an infringement of the league rules.


Shall consist of the Officers of the League and one representative of each League Club, irrespective of how many teams any club may have in the League. No person may represent more than one Club.


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGS: Shall be held in May each year when all general business shall be transacted. The meeting shall be open to all 'bona-fide' members of League Clubs, but each Club representative shall have only two votes, irrespective of how many teams any Club may have in the League. The Officers of the League have only one vote and the Chairman shall have only a casting vote in the event of an equality of votes. Any motion for presentation to the meeting shall be submitted to the League's General Secretary not later than 31st  March.

EXTRA-ORDINARY GENERAL MEETINGS: An Extraordinary General Meeting of the league may be convened by the Executive Committee or the League Secretary upon a written request signed by the representatives of not less than five clubs. Such request must state specific reasons for which the meeting is to be convened. Any motion to be discussed must be incorporated in the notice and no other business shall be transacted. Such meetings shall be held within thirty days of the request.

 GENERAL COMMITTEE MEETINGS: Shall be held at regular intervals as deemed necessary by the League Chairman, General Secretary and Treasurer. (i) All Clubs shall be circulated of all proposed alterations to rules at least seven days before the A.G.M. or Extraordinary General Meeting. (ii) All Clubs shall receive at least fourteen days notice (written or otherwise) of all Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings and seven days notice of General Committee Meetings.


The Treasurer shall submit to the Annual General Meeting, for approval, the Accounts for the League duly audited by some person elected at a previous Annual General Meeting.

13. PLAY

The following shall govern play in all League matches:- (a) Each team shall play home and away matches with every other team in the same division. (b) All league matches shall be played with a feather shuttlecock that meets the Badminton England standards.
(ci) MIXED LEAGUE: Each match shall be played by teams consisting of three men and three ladies. Each couple will be graded for the match into couples one, two and three and will remain in those combinations for the whole of the match, unless rule 13(d) shall apply. Each couple shall play each opposing couple two games of 21 and a game is won when the first pair reach 21 points by two clear points up to a maximum of 30 points and the first pair to reach 30 points wins the game. Each match will consist of a total of 18 games of doubles.

(cii) MENS LEAGUE: Each team shall consist of six ladies/gentlemen. Each couple will be graded for the match into couples one, two and three and will remain in those combinations for the whole of the match, unless rule 13(d) shall apply. Each couple shall play each opposing couple two games of 21 and a game is won when the first pair reach 21 points by two clear points up to a maximum of 30 points and the first pair to reach 30 points wins the game. Each match will consist of a total of 18 games of doubles.

(ciii) VETERANS LEAGUE: Each team shall consist of two ladies and two gentlemen. Each match shall consist of 12 games, these being, two men's, two ladies and eight mixed. Each couple will be graded into couples one and two and will remain in these combinations for the mixed games, unless rule 13(d) shall apply. Each couple shall play each opposing couple two games of 21 and a game is won when the first pair reach 21 points by two clear points up to a maximum of 30 points and the first pair to reach 30 points wins the game. To be eligible to play in this League, gentlemen must be over 45 on the 1st September, and ladies must be over 40 on the 1st September.

(civ) LADIES LEAGUE: Each team shall consist of 4 ladies. Each match consists of 12 games. a game is won when the first pair reach 21 points by two clear points up to a maximum of 30 points and the first pair to reach 30 points wins the game. Two ladies pairings (player1 and player 2, player 3 and player 4) will play against their opposite numbers yielding 8 games. Player 1 will then partner player 3 to play their opposite number in 2 games. Player 2 and player 4 complete the match with a further 2 games against their opposite numbers. 
(d) If any player is unable to continue play during a match through illness or injury, the match shall proceed and the player thus handicapped shall cease to take any further part in the match as a player. Games completed shall count. If injury or illness occurs during a game, that game shall be forfeited by the player so handicapped by 21 aces to whatever his/her score at the time of illness or injury. A reserve may then take the place of the absent player in succeeding games, providing that he/she is not already playing in the match with another partner and that he/she is registered with the League, and that the opposing captain is notified of the reserve(s) before the game commences. A gentleman may not replace a lady player or vice-versa. All games completed by the substitute shall count in the final score.

(e) All match score sheets shall be checked and signed by a member of the opposing team and the completed score card to be recorded on-line by the designated person or representative of the Home Team, within 7 days of the match being played. The opposition will then have a further 7 days to either accept or reject it.

(f) Captains of teams shall, prior to the commencement of a match, complete the score sheet with the names of their players, in their pairings. No alterations shall be permitted during the course of the match except as provided for in rule 13(d).

(g) Visiting teams shall abide by the playing rules of the Home Team providing these do not contravene the Laws of Badminton and it shall be incumbent upon the Home Team to declare to the visitors before the match starts, such rules which are likely to affect play.

(h) Only 'bona-fide' members of the Club who are liable to its full subscription may represent it in League Matches. Each Club Secretary shall send a Player Registration Form to the Fixture Secretary before their first match of the season; and only players so registered are eligible for league matches. Players selected to play in the Inter League Teams must have played for their Club in this League during the current or previous season. After the first match, additional members may be registered anytime during the season. This registration must be in writing (includes e-mail) and must be with the Fixture Secretary prior to the player taking part in any League match. The Fixture Secretary must report on any player not complying with these requirements and playing in a League Match. The Executive Committee shall then decide upon the action to be taken.

(i) All disputes on any matter connected with League Matches shall be submitted to the Hon. Fixture Secretary (copy to the Hon. General Secretary) within 72 hours of the scheduled date of the fixture. The opposing Team Secretary or Captain must be informed of intention to lodge a complaint. The dispute shall initially be dealt with by the Fixture Committee and any subsequent appeal must be sent to the Hon. General Secretary to be dealt with by the Executive Committee.

(j) All matches must be played according to the scheduled dates on the Fixture List and only with the consent of a member of the Fixture Committee can a rearrangement be allowed. The only circumstances under which re-arrangements will be permitted are non availability of the match venue or inclement weather preventing travel to the match venue. Matches not re-arranged as above, and yet not played, will fall under one of the following two headings, and will be dealt with as detailed:

(ji) A club is unable to field a team and advises the opposition accordingly with a minimum 24 hours notice. The defaulting team is deducted two league points and the match must be re-arranged.

(jii) A club is unable to field a team and advises the opposition accordingly with less than 24 hours notice OR a team fails to turn up without notice. The defaulting team is deducted two league points and the opposing team is awarded a match win to love.

(k) All matches must commence within 15 minutes of the Home Team's stated start time. In the event of a team not having two couples present to play a match within 15 minutes of the home clubs start time, and subsequently the match is unable to be concluded within the available court time, then the offending club (home or away) shall forfeit games which could not be finished. Visiting Clubs will not be obliged to adhere to a start time of earlier than 7 p.m.

(l) A player may play for different clubs (or the same club) in different Leagues (provided he/she fulfils the eligibility rules for that league), but may not play for different clubs in the same league, or for the same club in the same league unless rule 13(n) shall apply.

(m) Every club which has two teams in a particular league shall before playing their first match of the season submit to the Treasurer and Fixture Secretary the names of that club's best six players who shall only be eligible to play for that club's first team. Also any club which has three teams in a particular league shall submit the names of that club's second team. Any registered player may play above his nominated position but no player shall play below. Players may be re-nominated but shall not be allowed to play for that team for a period of seven days from receipt of such application by the Fixture Secretary. There shall be no such re-nominations after 1st February. Re-nomination may in certain circumstances require the sanction of the Fixture Committee.

(n) If only one of either a home or away fixture takes place the defaulting team will be expected to pay the costs of the hall hire.

(o) Any club having more than one team in any division should play the internal club ties before 31st October.


After each match the winning team shall be awarded two points. In the event of a draw each team shall be will be awarded one point.

Where a team does not consist of the correct number of legally registered players but they send non-eligible, registered players to make a full match, then any game played by a non-eligible player shall be automatically conceded. If they subsequently win the match they will be awarded two league points.

Where a team does not consist of the correct amount of couples (Ref. Rules 13ci, 13cii, 13ciii) they shall have one point deducted irrespective of the match result.


(a) The top and bottom team's position in the League Tables shall be determined by firstly the number of points won (i.e. two for each win),if equal then the number of games won during season shall be counted and if still equal then a playoff shall take place. The play-off shall be arranged by the League Fixture Secretary in conjunction with the Fixture Secretaries of the Club's concerned. When a play-off is required to determine final league positions, the hall and shuttle costs shall be bourne by the league.

(b) If between the end of one season and the start of the next, the number of teams in consecutive divisions remains unchanged, automatic promotion and relegation will apply to the appropriate top two and bottom two teams. In the event of there being changes in the constitution of a division the Executive Committee shall be empowered to determine whether and to which teams promotion and relegation will apply. If an application to join the League is accepted by the General Committee the League Executive Committee shall be empowered to allocate the team to whichever division it thinks fit.


No tournament except one confined to its members must be promoted by any League Club, without the consent and sanction of the Executive Committee.


New rules can only be introduced or old ones expunged or altered at the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting convened for that purpose. Written notice of any suggestion regarding alterations to the Rules for the Annual General Meeting must reach the League General Secretary by 30th April.


The cost of engraving League and Tournament Trophies will be borne by the League.


When individual trophies are awarded to divisional champions they will total six except in the Veterans League where four will be awarded and except where written application is made to the General Secretary for extra trophies before 30th April. Such application must state full names and playing record for the past season of the player(s) concerned. The request will then be considered by the League Executive Committee and any extra trophies awarded will be paid for by the club concerned. All divisional trophies being the property of The Crewe and District Badminton League, become the responsibility of the clubs holding them who should return them to the League Executive Committe, or replace any lost trophy by the 31st March at the latest. Clubs guilty of default shall be fined £10 per trophy not returned by the due date.


Anyone who has a financial obligation to a club should not be accepted by another club.


Any player requesting a transfer should do so on the appropriate form during the playing season. The form must be signed by the player, the new Club Secretary and the Secretary of the Club consenting to the players release. Any player transfer form must be with the Fixture Secretary not less than 48 hours before the player takes part in a match. There shall be no such transfer after 1st February.


(i) The Administration Committee shall comprise: Hon. General Secretary, County Representative and the representative Team Managers as appointed by the Executive Committee.

(ii) The Fixture Committee shall comprise: Hon. Fixture Secretary and two elected General Members. 

(iii) The Executive Committee shall be Ex-officio.


Where inter-league matches are played (home and away), a match fee shall be payable by all players, the amount of which shall be set by the Team Manager at the beginning of the season. Where players are representing the Crewe and District League in the County Inter-League Tournaments (Len Knight, Baxter, Dave O' Leary and Thornley Trophies) then no match fee shall be payable.


Junior League will be overseen by a Management Committee which is voluntary (i.e. not elected). One member from each participating club is required. A member of the League executive should be nominated to act as a coordinator and arbitrator in cases of dispute.


The Management Committee will meet in June or July of each year to set up the next season. They will consider the number of teams, venues, divisions, constitution, sessions, charges, rules and any other matters needed in preparation.


New teams will be welcomed at the start of a season to compete for the titles. Any new team joining part way through the season will be accommodated for badminton where logistics permits but cannot compete for the titles. New teams will join at a division judged to be their appropriate level where the league know the players. Where the team is new and unknown they will be asked to join at the lowest division.


A minimum of four sessions are to be held each season at one or more suitable venues dependent on availability. Each session to be a whole day for the duration required to accommodate the number of divisions/teams. Where necessary sessions will be split into morning and afternoon each accommodating the the number of divisions to complete the programme. Sessions will be scheduled to avoid conflict with other Cheshire junior events wherever possible.


The number of Divisions will be decided at the start of each season and those divisions will be competed for. Trophies are available for 7 divisions but they are not necessarily all played for in any given season.


Divisions of 4 or 5 teams will be set up wherever feasible such that in a normal session each team plays against each other team in the division. The Management Committee will deal with any anomalies in divisional numbers on the day.


The league treasurer will settle accounts and invoices with these venues directly. The league treasurer will keep accounts of junior league activities for presentation at the league AGM as part of the leagues full accounts. This will include: court hire, shuttle usage, medal awards and miscellaneous fees.


As with all trophies the league will pay for engraving, maintenance and new trophies. The Management Committee will decide the policy for the award of individual medals each season.


A player must be aged under 18 on 1st September of the year in which the season starts to be eligible to participate.


Clubs entering more than one team in the Junior League should rank the teams in order of strength and if calling the team A, B, C etc ensure that the sequence is in strength order starting with A.


All junior clubs competing in Junior League must register their own junior players with Badminton England in a registered Junior club. It is a requirement that players are registered thus for insurance reasons and league constitution which requires all players to be recognised by the official bodies.


At the end of sessions 1 and 2 the team at the top of the division will be promoted for the next session and the team at the bottom relegated.


The third and fourth sessions will be played as a mini championship where results are cumulative over the two sessions. The team leading at the end of the fourth session will be declared champions of the division and will receive the perpetual trophy to be kept until the following season plus individual medals. Divisional winners will be promoted the following season.


League positions will be decided as follows:

a. Points scored on the basis of 2 points for a match win and 1 for a draw;

b. If level then – Total Games over that days session against all other team in the division;

c. If even then – The result of the match between the two tying teams (if equal games then points);

d. If level then – total Points against all other teams on that days session;


At the end of session 3 the divisional table is calculated as above but then frozen and carried forward when the results from session 4 will be added to it. No promotion or relegation takes place.


Session 4 results are added to session 3 results to calculate a final table


For each session teams will be charged the cost agreed before the season begins. Any money taken on the day should be delivered to the League Treasurer.


All results from each session will be recorded on the appropriate paperwork. Results will be entered into the web site where this facility exists.


All matches will be played to the format agreed at the pre-season meeting. Where possible this will accommodate both singles and doubles. The standard format to be used normally is each of 4 players completing a singles against their opposite number. Players should be ranked in order of strength so that competitive badminton is played. Further, two doubles games will be played with pairings to be decided for that match by the captain. Subsequent matches can be played with different pairings, however singles rankings should remain the same unless the initial judgement on comparative strength at the start of the day proves to be incorrect. In exceptional circumstances the Management Committee representatives on the day may alter the format to accommodate all of the games.


All games will be played on a rally point basis


Feathered shuttles provided by the league will be used for all matches


A team consists of 4 or more players of any gender and any age. If more than 4 players are available to a team then in any individual match the team can nominate players for singles and doubles in any mix they wish. Different players are able to represent the team in different matches.


Where two (or more) teams from the same club are playing on the same day then a player may only represent one team for the duration of that session.


Players from other clubs may represent a team by prior arrangement before a match commences in order to fill in for absent players. They should be ranked in the singles at the bottom. The results of those players will not count in the match.


In the event of a team having fewer than 4 players they can still fulfil the fixture. All games that the players present complete normally will count. If any of those players then complete games their absent team mates would have played (e.g. in order to give the opposition a full fixture) those results do not count.


If a team loses one of their players during a session they must complete their fixtures with the remaining players (losing the games that would have been played by the leaver to 21 -0) unless extra players are available to the team at the time.


If a club is fielding a short side in the afternoon session, a player who has already played in the morning session may stand in but is ranked bottom in the singles and the results will not count.


Winning a match will result in 2 match points being awarded to the winners and 0 for the losers. A drawn match will result in 1 point for each team. In addition the number of games and aces (points) won will be counted.


Conventionally (unless changed by the Management Committee) Individual medals will be awarded to members of the winning divisional teams after session 4.


Extra medals can be made available to winning teams to be purchased by those clubs at the cost negotiated by the League.


All junior teams where players are all under the age of 16 should be chaperoned by an adult.


At least two members of the Junior Management Committee must be present at any given session