Published by Horrocks, Brian (SI/SG), 29 January 2018

Now that we have cleared Christmas and 2018 is rapidly rolling out for Badminton related matters we should turn our attention to the 70th anniversary celebration. We have the date in the diary - 12th May 2018, we have the venue – Crewe Golf Club, what we need now are the ideas for incorporation into the evening. The most likley scenario (but we are very open tp your ideas) is that we devote the entire evening to matters related to the celebration. Dinner is of course part of the deal and we will sort out arangements and let you know asap about menus and prices. Early thoughts are that we should of course award the trophies for this season, but try to extend that idea so that we can recognise previous winners. We expect to be able to have prints of previous winners around the room. In addition to the history on each of our perpetual trophies. It would be nice to have some photographs as well. This is where you all come in.


Please could you have a think and let the exec know of players or friends from days gone by that you think would enjoy meeting up again. If they are trophy winners from the past that is even better as we might be able to incorporate them into the proceedings in some small way. If you do have someone in mind go ahead and let them know about it, try and encourage them to get the date in their diaries and to come along. As always it is likely we will arrange the tables by club so even if you do not win anything this year, your club can still have a table for current and past players. We are also keen to include players from clubs that no longer exist (at least as Crewe League members). At one time they were important members of a very successful local league. So if you know any one from:


Audlem, ABC, Acton, AP Club, Azzuri, Beehive, Betley, Central Meths, Church Lawton, Congleton Danes, Coppenhall,  Elworth, Fenton Manor, Fisons, Haslington, Heathfield ICL, Kidsgrove, LMR, Leighton Hospital, Middlewich, Old Grammarians, Pheonix, Roll-Royce, Rudheath, Ruskin, Shavington Juniors and Coaches, St Mary’s, Thirlwood, Vale Royal, West St Baptists, Wheelock, Winnington Park, (apologies for any clubs lost in the mists of time – if you know of any please contact them)


The same is true of any players from the past, whether they are/were connected to clubs or not, whether they were trophy winners or not. The event is to be as inclusive as possible. All of your memorabilia is welcome for display, especially photos. We need to hear from you as we set out the plans. If you have any opinions please let Brian or Dave know as early as you can..