Published by Horrocks, Brian (FI/SG), 22 January 2018

The handicap tournament took place last Saturday at Rudheath Leisure centre. The new arrangements to hold the complete event on one day looks to have been successful in that a very good entry congregated for the 10.00 to 2.00 session. As always it was enormously entertaining and of a very high standard. Several pairs who normally ply their trade in the lower divisions competed ferociously with their higher division opponents and in many cases very successfully. That is the great thing about the handicap. The meeting to set up the handicaps took place the previous Tuesday, so we were all set for a mens competition in two groups of 5, a single Ladies group of 6 and the mixed with two groups of 6.


score sheets will become available in the gallery shortly but in summary:


The mens competition ranged in handicap from plus 10 to minus 7 across all pairs. In Group A  the range was  15 high to low. We had a strong Northwich presence, three of the five pairs from that club.  Every pair won at least one game. The winning pair from the group won 3 and lost 1, as did the runners-up. Dave Lee and Dave Gordon, John Nichols and Grant Major – all Northwich were tied at the conclusion of the group. We then had to go to the result of the game between them to judge the winner. That particular game went to Dave and Dave by 21-20. That is handicapping at its best. In group B again everyone won at least 1 game. The handicaps in this group were in a much tighter range, only 10 points from High to low. Once again the top two were tied at the conclusion on games won. We had to go to the result between Carl McGregor-Ogden and Manbun Lee versus John Hunter and James Burnham, Carl and Manbun had the edge by 21-18. In the final Dave and Dave ran out winners 21-12, 21-15.


Congratulations to Mens Handicap Winners 2018 Dave Lee and Dave Gordon of Northwich


The Ladies competition scoresheets have eluded us so we can only report on the outcome. Famous names appear on the trophy again this time. Ruth Raiswell and Clare Griffin (both Welsh Row) overcame some pretty tough handicapping. They beat Amber Tennant Fry and Rachel Wellings (both Northwich).

Congratulations to Ladies Handicap Winners 2018 Clare Griffin and Ruth Raiswell of Welsh Row



The Mixed competition ranged in handicap from plus 7 to minus 6. In group A there was a tie at the conclusion. Carl McGregor-Ogden (Goostrey) and Zoe Raiswell (Welsh Row) were level with Jez Touch and Clare Griffin ( both Welsh Row). The game between then was 21-12 to Carl and Zoe. In Group B 16 points covered high to low. Mother and son partnership Ruth and Jack Raiswell  (both Welsh Row) overcame their -6 handicap to tie the group with John Nichols and Lucy Rosa (both Northwich). Jack and Ruth had recorded a 21-16 win against John and Lucy so therefore won the group. The final was a great battle going to three games. Ruth and Jack won the first 21-19, the second went to  Carl and Zoe 21-16 and the decider was 21-19 in favour of Jack and Ruth.


Congratulations to Mixed Handicap Winners 2018 Ruth and Jack Raiswell of Welsh Row


Photos of winners with president Alan Horne attached but more will be published in the gallery section of the web site presently