Published by Horrocks, Brian (FI/SG), 11 January 2018

All league members are affiliated to Badminton England and you all have a membership number. As a member you should already receive direct communications via email from Badminton England on a number of topics. Of course not everyone wants to get emails and the Badminton England web site allows you specify what you want to receive and what you don’t want to receive. The way that Badminton England have set things up means that if you do not set any preferences you will not receive any communications. If you would like to receive communications about, events, tickets, surveys, newsletter etc then you would need to tick some boxes to advise them of this. This memo came from them via the county organisations:


It is important for all members to tick the boxes to select what level of communication they would like to receive from Badminton England.  

 Please note, if members do not update this section then will default to ‘Do not Contact’ and Badminton England will not be able to send any communication to them.


With this in mind Badminton England have sent a guide round (attached) for how you can set your preferences which range from no mail to some mail to all mail. Your choice! Please take a look and set your own. Logging in to the membership site is done with the link in the attachment repeated here


Your log in details will be the email address you have given them when registering plus your password. Once the club has registered everybody you can activate your own personal membership and set everything up just as you want it. Of course if you are happy with the way things are you need take no action.