Published by Horrocks, Brian (FI/SG), 18 December 2017

We have completed the first round matches in this season’s John Ford. Here is a brief review of the outcome:


Goostrey and Canute fought out a close affair. Despite not quite finishing the match (17 games completed), the marginally adjusted handicap of 121 points in Goostrey’s favour meant a final score of 341 to Goostrey and 337 to Canute – 4 points!! (0.23 per game)

Crosses scored 331 against Northwich comets who accumulated 302. Crosses did get the extras of 10 so ended up with a 39 point win (2.16 a game)

Northwich’s other team – the meteors (very good astronomical references here, a word used often to describe Northwich themselves) got 309 points against Holmes Chapels 335. They got 52 in handicap meaning they went to 361 points and a 26 point win (1.5 a game)

The quarter finals will be announced shortly.