Published by Horrocks, Brian (FI/SG), 15 December 2017

Hon Sec is now returned from journeys in far distant lands and is finding it a lot colder here than there. In celebration of that return Hon Chairman decided to put the traveller in his place by getting some meeting minutes published. Here are the highlights (is that really a good word for a committee meeting?)


·         We managed to raise a team for Len Knight thanks to Jay Moran. Ok so maybe we were heavily beaten but taking part is important – right?

·         Baxter trophy follows on in January and Kara Robinson of Canute is sorting the team out.

·         There are a few question marks about the date for the Dave O’ Leary trophy (juniors), but we are still short of someone willing to organise the teams – volunteers?

·         Handicap trophy looming so sort out your pairings

·         Final John Ford preliminaries being played this week. Watch out soon for details of next round

·         One or two clubs have still not settled their final player registration bill, please do so pronto

·         The 70th anniversary celebration is next year so keep thinking of what kind of event you think we should do and any people from days of yore you would like to see there

·         We have seen some very positive reactions to our latest web changes. As always – let us know if there is something you would like to see on there

·         Remember that you don’t have to wait till the AGM to share any thoughts on changes we can make e.g. playing formats, tournaments, rules