Published by Ruth Raiswell, 14 July 2017

From: Andrew Aspinal <>

Subject: Re: The Academy




We have based the session on 40 weeks training per year.


Training Days and Times:
  •   Mondays 5.30-9.30pm: - The group will be split based on ability 5.30-7.30 & 7.30-9.30pm
·       Thursday 5.30-7.30pm
·       Fridays 5.30-9.30pm: - The group will be split based on ability 5.30-7.30 & 7.30-9.30pm
(Six hours training per week for 3 sessions)
·       Sundays 2-4pm: (For the best players) - Additional shuttle cost fee.

Unfortunately, the Wednesday evenings are now no longer an option. The school has had a new bursar (as of two weeks ago) and he has stated that the PC/Academy would incur extra hall hire charges due to us booking on another night from what we already use. This unfortunately, would make the cost prohibitive and therefore make the academy unsustainable.

In order to establish which session your child will be placed in we will run trials starting late August or Early September.


Additional Support:
We will still be offering Strength and Conditioning, Sports Pyschology & Physio support from Staffordshire University along with support from Babolat.
In order for the Academy to run we need a minimum of 30 players signing up to at least two sessions per week




For a child to attend twice a week the cost will be £62 per month.
(Please note: Your child can attend any of the sessions during the week, for example:
Monday & Fridays, Thursday & Friday or Monday and Thursday)


For a child to attend three sessions per week the cost will be £75 per month.
(Monday, Thursday and Friday)


(Just to put that into perspective East Cheshire PC charge £55 per month just for their 2 hour session on a Friday night at Knutsford with only a level two Coach running the session!!)
Paying Over the Year:
We can offer the parents to pay over 10 months or 12 months.


A parent who sends a child to 2 sessions per week will pay £62 per month (£620 for the year).
They can either pay £62 for 10 Months or £51.65 for 12 Months.


A Parent who sends a child to 3 sessions per week will pay £75 per month (£750 for the year).
They can either pay £75 for 10 Months or £62.50 for 12 Months.
Additional Children:
·       If a parent has two children who wish to attend the academy twice a week we will offer a 25% discount to the second child.
This would mean a reduction of £15 for a child who attends sessions per week.

·       If a parent has two children who wish to attend the academy three times per week we will offer a 30% discount to the second child.
This would mean a reduction of £21 for a child who attends 3 sessions per week


(Please see attached Calendar):
These are dates the Hall is not available to us:
Christmas - 21st December 2017- 1st Jan 2018 (2 Weeks)
January 2018 1st-14th (2 weeks)
Monday 5th March 2018 (1 day)
Easter - 30 March-7th April 2018 (1 week)
12th May until 30th June 2018 (7 weeks)
TOTAL: 12 weeks
Additional Training:
While the sports hall is unavailable to us, Anthony and I will look to run some Masterclass sessions when the academy is shut.


Please note these will come at an additional cost.
Secretary Role:
The academy would like to appoint a secretary who would be responsible for some light paperwork, things such as medical forms, registers etc. This will be a paid role. If you would be interested in this role can you please contact Andy. 
The academy is also needing volunteers to help run and organise teams for events. This would be particularly useful for both the annual PC tournament and the Crewe Junior League teams.
Code of Conduct:
Anthony and I are in the process of putting together a code of conduct together for players, parents and coaches. These will be issued out to every member of the academy in September should we get enough interest for the academy to be viable.
Our Mission:
We are aiming to significantly improve the level of badminton and we would like your children to be part of it. We want to become the best centre in the country where they can come and train and develop their badminton.  There is a lot of talent within the area and we can thrive as a county going forward. We have assembled the best possible coaching team and we offer additional support from experts in their field. We would like YOU to be part of this exciting venture that could be the start of something very special.

If you are interested in the Academy or require any further information please contact Andy either via phone: 07528692503 or email:

Please could you inform us of any decision in regard to the academy by Monday 17th July.



Kind Regards,