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Open Tournament - Mixed Doubles

Last Friday, 3 March, saw the mixed doubles event of the open tournament take place at Middlewich Leisure Centre. \r\n6 pairs entered and competed against each other in a round robin format. It was a topsy-turvy night of badminton and the winners were only decided after the final game of the evening. \r\n\r\nThis years winners were Mike Simmons and Kara Robinson who won 4 and lost 1 of their games. There were 3 couples who finished the night with a 3-2 record which meant that we had to consider the head to head matches, but they could not separate them so total points scored on the night was used to determine out runners up, James Burnham and Olivia Frankland. \r\n\r\nCongratulations to Mike Simmons and Kara Robinson, Mixed Doubles Open Champions 2016-27.\r\n\r\nThe league president, Alan Horne, was in attendance and handed out the silverware. \r\n> \r\n> \r\n
Latest Results
24 Apr Whitfield 'A' 10-8 CEGELEC 'A' Me 2
28 Apr North'ch 'A' 12-6 Wols 'A' Me 2
27 Apr Goostrey 'A' 0-12 C' Meths 'A' La 1
21 Apr North'ch 'A' 11-7 Alsager 'A' Me 2
24 Apr Holmes C 'B' 6-12 North'ch 'B' Mi 3
13 Apr Holmes C 'B' 5-7 CEGELEC 'B' Ve 2
24 Apr C' Meths 'A' 12-0 Knutsford 'A' La 1
24 Apr Welsh R 'B' 11-7 Goostrey 'A' Me 1
24 Apr Welsh R 'A' 18-0 North'ch 'A' Mi 1
21 Apr North'ch 'A' 7-5 Holmes C 'A' La 2
Matches Played
Total Matches Played: (297/302)
Mens: (119/122)
Mixed: (79/80)
Ladies: (40/40)
Veterans: (59/60)
Pending Results
04 Apr Knutsford 'A' v. CEGELEC 'A' Me 2
18 Apr CEGELEC 'B' v. Holmes C 'A' Ve 2
27 Apr Canute 'B' v. Welsh R 'A' Me 1
Result Pending, but in date
Result Pending, 5 days overdue
Result Pending, 7 days overdue
This Week's Fixtures
05 May Alsager 'A' v. North'ch 'A' Me 2
08 May Holmes C 'B' v. Whitfield 'A' Mi 3
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