Published by, 28 January 2020

Last Sunday (26th Jan) round 3 of Junior League took place at Shavington. This was the first of two rounds which contribute to the overall title, points being carried forward to the final round in March. Three divisions were played out and here is a round up of events. Full analysis is available under the Junior League tab on the web site.

Division 1 was a great contest between three very equally balanced teams from Wizards, Shavington and Alsager. Recently promoted Nantwich gave a good account for themselves but found life a bit too tough with the other three losing their matches to zero on each occasion. In the three way battle the first match set the theme. Shavington took on Alsager and the result was 3-3 and 112 points to 112 points. Shavington just held sway in the singles but Alsager edged them out in the doubles. Wizards then took on Alsager and the result of 5-1 gives a false impression. The match was much tighter. Shavington versus Wizards was tighter still. The result was 4-2 but the points difference of 120 to 116 illustrates that a just couple of points going the other way would have reversed that. In conclusion, then, Wizards go into round 4 on 6 points with Alsager and Shavington on 3 each. Even a small reversal of results might see that change dramatically.

Division 2 could only take place with three teams. Wizards B and C were too strong for Crosses each beating them 5-1 and 4-2 respectively. The critical match was therefore the intra club affair which ended up in a draw 3-3. 9 points separated them in the end so going in to round 4 there is nothing in it.

Division 3 had one clear leader then three teams all even steven. Congleton won their three matches 4-2, 5-1 and 6-0. Nantwich B Canute and Wizards D slugged it out for the remaining slots. Nantwich drew 3-3 against each of the others, as did Wizards D with Canute. The table then has a leader in Congleton and three teams very close being split by points. Even then Nantwich in second place only lead by 20 points, with Canute and Wizards D on identical points. So division 3 looks like Congletons to lose but a great battle for the remaining places.