Published by, 29 August 2019


This is important information for all clubs who get their shuttles via Sue Mills. Sue had indicated some supply issues as below:

Over the past few months the Magnum 78's used by most of our clubs have been in and out of stock.
As the season gets underway soon I would like clubs to let me know if they are planning to get them from me.
They are currently out of stock and not due for 3 to 4 weeks.
Yehlex are going to let me know when they are here and I think it's a good idea to pre-order if I can!

So if you are affected then please contact Sue immediately and let her know your intentions. Our recommendation is to order early and if necessary keep them in stock yourselves. As far as we know there is not a general shuttle supply problem but if you are a Magnum 78 user you may have to buy alternative makes potentially at higher cost. Call Sue if you want to understand more about the state of play.