Published by, 10 May 2019

The AGM was held last Wednesday (8th May) and the minutes are available to view in downloads. The highlights were as follows:

  • Dave opened the meeting with a tribute to Marion Doe who passed away recently. The meeting observed a minutes silence
  • The chairman's report covered: Junior League, Quiz nights, presentation evening. John Ford won by Canute and Inter-League success for our senior players in the Baxter trophy, and junior success at U15 and U19 in the O'Leary and Thornley trophies
  • Hon sec reported on: correspondence from BE and Alsager concerning Ladies badminton, extra medals and web site improvements
  • Ruth summarised the season fixtures and outcomes. Here we discussed the intention to formally trial the new format comprising 4 men and 2 ladies in a special mixed division. No change is intended to the current mixed arrangements and clubs can participate in either or both. Clubs interested in this need to tell Ruth they wish to take part by the end of May. Enrolment in the standard mixed league took place at the AGM.
  • Tony summarised the tournaments. Another reasonable year but participation levels still lower that hoped for. Weekend tournaments do seem slightly more popular. This coming season we will be trying out a singles event in the handicap after a request from the players.
  • John took us through the accounts which are healthy showing a slight surplus in 2018/19 but one explained by some special and advantageous circumstances. John proposed 3 increases as follows: John Ford Entry to be £10 in order to be fully self funding. This was carried. An increase of Team Registration to £15 carried. An increase in player registrations to £5 (£2.50 for juniors) which was defeated so player fees remain the same.
  • All officials remain in place for 2019/20, there being no new proposals and all are willing to stand again
  • There were 3 rule change proposals: A tidying up exercise to remove any obligation on the league to interfere in clubs own fee arrangements. This is the clubs business and this was carried. Secondly a proposal was made to discount 'gifted' games from calculations involving tied league positions (top and bottom). Gifted games are ones where a team plays with fewer than 6 players, or concedes matches. The opponents automatically win those games 21-0. This was defeated so the rule is unchanged. Finally a case was made by Canute and Alsager for Ladies to be able to participate in mens matches. This was an attempt to provide stronger ladies an opportunity to play at their level and assist with ensuring teams of 6 could be turned out avoiding concessions. This was contentious with Equality, Demise of Ladies leagues, Concerns of men playing against ladies amongst the topics covered. Ultimately the proposal was carried so from next season a mens team may contain as many or few ladies as required with no other change to the playing arrangements.