Published by Mr Brian Horrocks, Friday, March 8, 2019

Last Sunday (3rd March) was  the final instalment of this years Junior League. Alsager hosted us again and our thanks as always to their excellent hospitality. Once again there was a superb show of badminton from tomorrows stars. Here is a round up. The web site has extensive details of all the matches and tables courtesy of the good offices of Carl McGregor-Ogden. Our tanks to Carl once again for helping out in this way.

Division 1 was taken by Shavington. They had the edge over Alsager despite a 3-3 draw between them on the day. Earlier points gained in the penultimate round were important. The team had four equally talented lads who delivered similar performances over the season. Alsager came in second. Canute, Wizards A and Wizards B delivered similar results ending up in that order.

Division 2 saw the constantly improving Crosses team lead the way. Over both sessions that counted to the championship they remained unbeaten. Shavington B and Nantwich A ended up on equal points separated by just two games. Shavington C found that division a little too hard ending up pointless.

Division 3 was made up of three Wizards teams and Nantwich B. Wizards C won it remaining unbeaten. Wizards D then edged out Nantwich by a single game, Wizards E propping up the division.

John Ascroft presented the trophies, and Dave Sumner paid his usual vote of thanks to everyone who had helped put on the event. How many times do we hear the lament that there are no young people coming into clubs to replace we ageing characters ( the author freely admits to this). Well be aware that they are there waiting ready to join your clubs - get out there and recruit!!