Published by Horrocks, Brian (SI/SP), Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Last night (Sunday 21st October) the first of this season’s John Ford matches took place. Knutsford entertained Weaverham. The handicappers had given their views during the week and felt that Weaverham would need a helping hand. When all the handicappers submissions were received and averaged out they were remarkably close together suggesting that this was an easy one to judge. Very dangerous!! Weaverham were duly awarded 66 points.


The match must have been a belter. Several of the games had reverses of score. Normally one of the pairs will win both games – in this case on six occasions the scores were turned round and the event halved. That suggests a close affair. In the end Knutsford (deemed the stronger) gained 348 points. Weaverham battled their way to 312 points. Note that if you examine the score sheet attached carefully there was a slight error in counting. Weaverham’s score is down as 302 and was in fact 312 based on the numbers in the boxes. No matter, the handicap gave the match to Weaverham anyway – by a margin of 20 as per score sheet but 30 when corrected. Handicapping to within 1.6 pe rgame – well done handicappers and very well done Weaverham who start the defence of their 2018 success in this competition.