Published by Horrocks, Brian (SI/SP), Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Each year we hold the Open tournament around March and one of the events is the Ladies singles. The current trophy is a medium sized silver cup which has quite a unique shape. It was presented to the league by Joe Sproston who was League Chairman until 1959 being one of the founding fathers of the League. Well, time moves on and we find that the trophy is now choc a bloc with engraving. The advice from our trophy supplier is that it is such a weird size and shape that no suitable additional base can be attached to it. There comes a time when every trophy needs replacement and that time is now. The records will always attest to the fact that Joe was the kind donor and the trophy will remain as it is now and be part of our heritage.


We have decided to purchase a new trophy, probably not a silver cup equivalent as it would cost a fortune. Before we go any further we do need to ask if anyone associated with the league, be it player, past player, friend of player, supplier or anyone wishes to donate a new trophy. That does suggest providing the funds in return for their name permanently engraved on the centre piece. If you are that person then please contact Hon Sec as soon as possible. I will be asking Concorde to provide the new trophy early in the New Year so you have some time to decide.