Published by Mr Brian Horrocks, 27 September 2018

All of our Masters players (in this case Gents and Ladies over the age of 40) are invited to consider throwing their hat in the ring to represent Crewe league in this years Len knight trophy. This is the inter-league tournament played against the other Cheshire leagues. It will be played over in Chester on 2nd December. Jay Moran has kindly offered to coordinate again for us so if you see him around you can let him know of your interest. Otherwise contact me (Hon Sec) and I will ensure Jay is aware of your interest. Be aware that we never find it easy to get hold of the 12 players (minimum) we need so please don't fall in to the trap of thinking you are not good enough - if you play in our Masters league then you are good enough. The age groups will be over 40s, over 48s and over 56 again.