Published by Horrocks, Brian (SI/SG), Wednesday, August 29, 2018

We have now received the handbooks freshly prepared by Keith Withers of Hewitts printing and Goostrey BC. Thank you as always Keith. As we are in good time, distribution does not have to be a hectic dash. Dave Sumer and I once again made the ultimate sacrifice by meeting in the pub to divide them up. As a result be aware of what is happening to yours.


Welsh Row, Whitfield and Malbank will all find their way to Ruth’s house. Ruth has a method of seeing Whitfield, and Malbank need to arrange to collect from there. Ruth’s details are on the web site.


Goostrey and Holmes Chapel were taken by Keith who will be taking them down to those clubs


South Cheshire and Knutsford are with me. Knutsford are due for a fixture on 12th September at South Cheshire. James – ask someone to pick them up, or if you want them earlier someone can call at my house – details on the web site.


Crosses and Weaverham are with Dave. Some of the Weaverham chaps are going over for a club tournament soon.


All the rest which means: Alsager, Canute, Northwich, CEGELEC, Congleton, Woolstanton will reside at Dave’s house (address on the web site). Being in Haslington it is a reasonable journey to pass by and collect. Maybe Mel can collect both CEGELEC and Woolstanton? Perhaps those clubs can call each other.


Any questions let me know. By the way despite proof reading it a hundred times (only a small exaggeration) Dave immediately found an obvious error. There will be a prize of a Mars Bar for the first person to email me with the answer.