Published by Horrocks, Brian (SI/SG), 18 May 2018


We are delivering on our promise of trying to cater for all ages in Crewe and District. The Junior League is now fully operational for 9 years and upwards (lower age if they can hold a racket and compete). Main leagues and masters leagues take us up to around 65. Now we have introduced a friendly over 65s forum with no upper limit, so we are getting close to 1 to a 100!! Terry Sumner organised the inaugural session and reports as follows:


Our first session at Legends went down very well with 12 Seniors attending - 6 Ladies and 6 Gents which made life easier. (Photograph attached)


We had three courts and played a mixture of Level and Mixed doubles.  Some of us even went for Lunch at the nearby Rising Sun -  most enjoyable.


Once everyone remembered who everyone else was the conversation got into full swing, recalling evenings at places like Elworth and Audlem where there were handicaps to overcome!


The next session is to take place at The Lifestyle Centre in Crewe on TUESDAY 5th JUNE from 2.30pm until 4.30pm.


I know some people are committed with grandchildren but you would be welcome to come for just a short time if you can make it.


Can you please let me know as soon as possible whether you will be joining us as I need to confirm the courts with the Lifestyle Centre.


Many thanks and looking forward to seeing some new faces next time


So, as you can see from Terry’s report, a very successful start and something to build on. This is not meant to be a binding commitment. If you want to turn up you can do so with no obligation to sign up to the next one and the one after. The events are likely to happen on different days of the week as we progress, so if this time it is a Tuesday and that day is no good to you, don’t worry, the next one could be a Thursday. Nor is it an expensive outing. The cost of the session (courts and shuttles provided by the league) are split equally so  3, 4, 5 pounds is most likely. We hope to get slick enough to have a reasonable view of numbers turning up in advance and trimming court time to suit. Please don’t worry though if you can’t be sure of turning up, you still can. Our aim is to give the organiser the best possible forward notification. The group will usually have some kind of social epilogue planned – maybe lunch at the pub, maybe afternoon tea somewhere. Again, there is no obligation to join in this if time is tight. Be as flexible as you like. Our whole aim is to make sure that over 65s have somewhere to play in a friendly environment and a decent standard of play. So you’ll see from the photo – they all look as if they had a good time (or was that before they started??).


Terry Sumner can be reached on 01270 215032 or