Published by Horrocks, Brian (SI/SG), 24 April 2018

In May 2018 a new EU regulation is to be implemented called the General Data Protection Regulation. It applies to any and all organisations who manage a person’s data as part of their operations. That probably means the vast majority of casual organisations such as Badminton Leagues, Allotment Societies, Stamp Clubs, Historical Societies and the list goes on. In fact if any organisation has even one piece of personal data then the regulation applies. It goes without saying that all organisations who employ people are significantly impacted as they manage a lot of personal data. If you were wondering why, just think about the number of big headlines there have been in the last few years about people being hacked and data sold to unscrupulous organisations who aim to benefit from it. At it’s worst hacking can affect people’s bank accounts, and money is stolen. This is not a very common thing but does happen. Much more normal is for organisations to sell data to firms who want to be able to do direct marketing. That means your name and address goes from a firm who may have got it legally to another who does not and you  being bombarded by approaches to buy all sorts of things you don’t want.


The new regulation places legislative demand on all organisations to manage data responsibly to cut down on the illegal trade and illegal practices. By managing data responsibly we can be re-assured that the people we give our details to ensure they are the only people to have them, and that they have to be able to prove that they are doing it according to some clear rules and regulations. The penalties for getting it wrong can be pretty extreme, so all responsible organisations will not get caught out to allowing data to be hacked. Crewe & District need to be sure we have done everything that is required of us, because we do handle some of your data such as name, address, BE number, Playing history etc. We do this so we can provide the web services you see when accessing the web site including player registrations, results sheets, news items, photo gallery and more


You will shortly find a policy statement on the web site explaining our approach. This is supported by a downloadable document comprising a few pages explaining  GPDR. If you have any questions please direct them to Hon secretary and we’ll clarify things further. We are confident in our ability to meet the demands of the regulation. We hope your Electricity company, broadband supplier, window cleaner feel the same!!!