Published by Marks, Tony (Field Insight - Development), 01 April 2018

The Open Tournament for 2017-18 was held on 25 March at Alsager Leisure Centre. Ladies Singles - There were only 2 entries this year, Kara Robinson and Zoe Raiswell. The match was played as a best of 3 and was a very competitive affair, however Zoe held the edge and came out winner 21-16, 23-21. Mens Singles - A late withdrawal left only 3 competitors this year; Nishil Dabhi, George Pettitt and Jez Touch. The competition was held in a round robin format with each match being 2 games to 21. Nishil only managed to take 1 victory, against George, whilst George himself took a game each off Nishil and Jez. Our clear winner was Jez who won his first 3 games to secure victory with a result of 3 games to 1. Ladies Doubles - 4 pairs of ladies took to the court; Rachel Wellings/Lucy Rosa, Zoe Raiswell/Kara Robinson, Claire Griffin/Ruth Raiswell and Amber Tennant-Fry/Glynis Maclachlan. A round robin format was used with each pair playing 1 game against each other. Amber and Glynis found the going tough and failed to notch a win, Rachel and Lucy took 1 win against Amber and Glynis. The other pairs were then left to shoot out in an effective final with Claire and Ruth having with edge with a 21-15 victory making them champions. Mens Doubles - The event attracted 6 pairs this year; James Burnham/ Andy Done, Teddy Wilshaw/Tony Marks, Dave Gordon/John Nicholls, Jez Touch/Warren Simpson, Nishil Dabhi/George Pettit and Dave Raiswell/Steve Aylott. Teddy and Tony failed to trouble the scorers, Dave and John managed just the one win (but had an honourable 20-21 defeat), Nishil and George played some very close games and managed 2 wins, Jez and Warren took 3 victories, James and Andy notched 4 wins, but the clear winners remaining unbeaten were Dave and Steve. Mixed Doubles - 6 pairs took to the courts; Rachel Wellings/Dave Gordon, Lucy Rosa/John Nicholls, Sophie Mottram/Teddy Wilshaw, Kara Robinson/James Burnham, Zoe Raiswell/Dave Raiswell and Claire Griffin/Steve Aylott. Sophie and Teddy fought admirably but failed to secure a win, Lucy and John managed to victory and were edged out 20-21 in another, Rachel and Dave took 2 wins, Kara and James had 3 wins and only 2 defeats, father and Daughter team, Dave and Zoe, managed 4 wins and only lost to the eventual winners who were Claire and Steve who remained unbeaten in the event. A big thank you to all the competitors who helped make this another great event. Photos of the winners and runners-up receiving their medals and trophies from league president, Alan Horne are included. Tony Marks Tournament Secretary