Published by Horrocks, Brian (SI/SG), 15 March 2018

We are now setting out some plans for this event on May 12th. We would like to hear from you now with some specifics as follows:



·         We would like to hear from anyone who would be kind enough to act as official photographer on the evening. There will be  some formal parts of the evening such as the presentations, and a lot of informal chats and reminiscences between former team mates that might deliver some interesting photos. If possible it would be nice to publish them on our web site and offer copies (via email) to those who might like a memento

·         We have already found some people with good photos and memorabilia. We’ll be speaking to then very soon. This is a reminder to everyone else out there to fish out and memorabilia that people could be interested in seeing. In particular some of the old rackets we used to use usually cause a major talking point. We will be attempting to collect this material from you around mid-April if you could let us know

·         We now need to estimate the number of people coming so we would like to confirm with you if you wish to have a club table. Bear in mind that people could wish to come from now defunct clubs so we wil be happy to set up a table for any of these. Final numbers are OK much nearer the time but for now it is an intention we are looking for and an approximation to help us plan with the golf club.


As before Dave Sumner and Brian Horrocks are the people to speak to via email or telephone – details in the handbook