Knutsford Ladies(4) 'A' 5500461410
The Crosses Ladies(4) 'A' 530234266
Weaverham Ladies(4) 'A' 520326344
Holmes Chapel Ladies(4) 'A' 50051446-1*
Last Updated: Sunday, March 18 2018
* (Knutsford Ladies(4) 'A' v. Holmes Chapel Ladies(4) 'A') - Holmes chapel docked 1 point for not fielding a full team against knutsford 18/2/18,
Results Outstanding
 DateHome TeamAway TeamvCal
12 Mar 2018 Holmes C 'A' Weav'm 'A'
19 Mar 2018 Crosses 'A' Knutsford 'A'
  Not Available
  Not Played
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