Published by Mr Brian Horrocks, 07 January 2018

The next round of games will involve four teams in the draw as follows:

South Cheshire versus Crosses A

Northwich Meteors versus Weaverham

These ties will take place on Thursday 15th February 2018 starting at 7.00 pm. The courts are booked at Congleton Leisure Centre CW12 1DT. (Note that this is not the venue you would travel to in order to play Congleton. They play in Biddulph on a Sunday).

According to the rules of the competition the home sides (SC and Northwich) technically can provide and choose shuttle type. In practice both teams will share the costs down the middle - venue and shuttles. We recommend all teams bring a supply of shuttles. If you want to discuss type between you before hand feel free to do so.

Handicapping will take place prior to the date, organised by the Exec.

The winners will progress to a semi final - the date of which is still being settled with availability of courts but could be later in the month of February, alternatively as early in March as possible.

Enquiries to David Sumner if necessary