Published by Horrocks, Brian (FI/SG), 05 December 2017

This year’s Len Knight tournament took place last Sunday (3rd December) at Christleton sports centre. Only three leagues are now sending teams to this tournament – Crewe, Chester and Wirral. Two other former participants – Runcorn/Widnes and Warrington no longer field teams.


We found it difficult to raise the number of players needed. Each team requires players in three age groups – over 40, over 48 and over 56. As a special concession Crewe were able to borrow two Warrington league players and our grateful thanks go to Derek Neary and his wife Sue for ably supporting our cause.


The match against Chester was predictably very hard – resulting in a 7-2 loss. Over 40s mens Andy Brown (Weaverham) and Andy Girdharry (Canute) lost 19-21 and 7-21. The over 40s ladies Ruth Raiswell (Welsh Row) and Helen Woolacott (Canute) winning a best of three 21-18, 20-22, 21-18 very well done there. In the over 40s mixed Helen then partnered Tony Marks (Northwich) losing 8-21, 11-21. In the over 48 mens Dave Raiswell (Welsh Row) and Terry Naylor (Malbank) went down 15-21, 17-21. Over 48 Ladies Helen Weaver (Weaverham) and Sarah Lawton (Congleton) lost narrowly 20-22 and 19-21. In the over 48 mixed Sarah played with Carl McGregor-Ogden (Goostrey) and took their opponents to three, 21-18, 18-21, 19-21 – a very hard fought affair by the looks of it. In the over 56 mens (well over) guest Derek Neary dragged Brian Horrocks (South Cheshire) through winning 21-18, 21-16. Sheila Neary partnered Jill Jones (Congleton)  in the (slightly over) 56 age group but succumbed 11-21, 8-21. Finally Brian and Jill found the going really tough in the mixed, going down 14-21, 10-21.


The other match against the Wirral proved even harder losing 8-1. In this one Andy G played with Tony M losing 10-21, 15-21. Ruth and Helen went to three but were edged out. The score sheet fails to record the scores but we do know the outcome. Andy B and Ruth went down 19-21, 16-21 in the mixed. Terry N and Carl Mc  lost 7-21, 9-21. Helen W and Sarah L lost 9-21, 10-21. Dave R and Helen Wvr lost 8-21, 13-21. Derek N and Brian H set but lost 22-24, then 13-21. Sheila N and Jill J lost 8-21, 14-21 and finally husband and wife team Derek and Shiela Neary triumphed for our only win 21-14, 21-15.


Non playing captain Jay Moran (Canute) marshalled the event for us, all the players are very grateful for your efforts Jay, and from the league – our thanks. A valiant effort from a group of players that Jay struggled to assemble.


A few photos are attached here, but more photos will be posted to the gallery on the web site presently