Published by Mr Brian Horrocks, Saturday, March 30, 2019

The semis took place at Shavington last Thursday (28 March). Here is a summary:

Weaverham took on Canute with some of their usual players missing. This time they were represented by Graham Cliffe, Any Lewis, Ben Hugon, Maureen Wartburton, Jan Thorpe and Sian Lewis. Laying in wait fort them were Canute's Andrew Done, John Hunter, Matt Webber, Kara Robinson, Christine Rotherham and Rebecca Bailey. Even before team member changes it was felt Weaverham would need some help. After an initial handicap, plus two personnel changes they were awarded 160 points against a strong Canute side. Canute did win all of the games as predicted one of which went very badly for Weaverham resulting in zero points. Other games were also low scoring: 3, 5, 6, 8 scores meaning Weaverham had it all to do. In the end 15 was the highest recorded score for them meaning a deficit of 235. Even with the 160 points they fell well short by 75 points or 4.16 per game. The hardest games to predict are when a very strong team play against a weakened team. There are so many things that can go wrong. Congratulations to Canute though who progress to the final.

The other match was closer. Crosses took on Goostrey. Jake Hartley, Keith Withers, Rob Evans, Louise Riley, Barbara Eades and Pam Jeffs took on the might of Crosses in the shape of Jamie Croucher, Tom Whyman, David Sumner, Symone Dale, Pauline Hubbard and Anne Haslam. For this one the handicappers gave Crosses 57 points. Crosses did win games in the ladies doubles which went with expectation. Elsewhere Crosses garnered a few less points than may have been expected. The deficit before handicap was 87 points. The 57 was not enough so they fell 30 points short or 1.66 per game which qualifies as good handicapping. Score sheets attached for interest.

So the final will be contested by Goostrey and Canute and a cracker it should be.