Published by Horrocks, Brian (SI/SG), 18 April 2018

The final exec meeting of the season was held last night. The main topics are described below:


·        The main item was preparation for the AGM. In this respect we finalised the agenda. This has now been sent to club secretaries along with last year’s AGM minutes and the one rule change that we posted on the web site a week or so ago.

·        In addition to the standard agenda items we want to raise the topic of club registration facilities on the web site. We would like to introduce some new feature that will allow clubs a lot more autonomy in managing their club membership and registrations. This will be handled during Ruth’s report

·        A new format of match play was discussed that might have some appeal. It involves teams of 6 – 4 men 2 ladies. It is in use in some other leagues so we will raise it as a discussion point in the AGM.

·        During the awkward silence that accompanies the election of officers, don’t worry, we do at least have all the main roles covered. Other proposals are welcome of course. Two roles that we have not yet covered are Cheshire County representation. We have two representatives who are our eyes and ears in CCBA circles. It usually means going along to  3 or 4 meetings a year, bringing back the news and requests, and also telling CCBA what we are up to locally. If you feel you could support this endeavour please let your Secretary know before the AGM.

·        In the AGM we usually discuss two other committees – Fixtures and Tournament. In practise over the years these two committees have very rarely met. The Fixture/Tournament secretary has usually coped without the need. We are thinking of asking your support in their removal. One very important need that might take the place of tournament committee is an alliance of handicappers. The way this might work is that Tony and Dave have a squad of people they could ask opinion of in the event of a handicap tournament, vets tournament, John Ford round. The handicappers usually meet to do the work, but we also seek opinion via email. The more informed opinion we have the better the handicapping. If you would like to contribute to this either meeting in person or doing it with email then please let Tony Marks know about it. If we get a large enough alliance you might not need to contribute to all events all of the time.

·        Tournaments were good this year – however, only 7 out of 15 clubs provided players. We are interested in how to broaden the appeal so that all 15 clubs get people to enter. Tony will bring this up during his report

·        John gave us a view of the provisional accounts as yet not fully audited. We think the position is quite reasonable – more on that later

·        We are closer to knowing about the arrangements for the presentation dinner. Just a reminder that this year we celebrate our 70th anniversary at Crewe Golf Club on 12th May (7 for a 7.30 start). We intend to do something slightly more than normal. We will of course be presenting the various trophies from this season, but we’ll also seek to celebrate some historical successes. We are hoping to get some of our past players along. We are keen for people to bring along old memorabilia e.g. photos, scoresheets, newspaper cuttings etc – and even better if you could let Brian or David have them in advance. As usual we will be offering a hot buffet with a choice of 3 different items. It is looking like Steak & Kidney Pie, Fish, or Hunters Chicken. There will be an impressive sweet trolley and coffee/tea. For this we will be asking the princely sum of £16 for a senior and £10 for a junior. Karl and Jan Bergh of Cheshire County will be helping to present. Do please join us, it will be a great night.

·        Finally we discussed the impending EU regulation concerning the handling of personal data. It is a beefing up of what we know as the Data Protection Act – on a Europe wide scale. It’s intention is to put paid to these charlatans who hack, steal, trade, exploit peoples information for their own gain. We of course do handle personal data through the web site so soon we will be clarifying how we continue tostay on the right side of the new regulation and look after your data.